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Our Service infoSecur

infoSecur is a policy-based approach to data provisioning and user management that protects sensitive data while making it easier for IT to provide wider organizational access to business intelligence.

Rather than trying to protect your organization’s data through the many downstream views, reports, queries and other uses of it you provide, infoSecur can help you more efficiently secure sensitive data and establish user access permissions right at its sources. Whether the data is in your data warehouse or in other source systems.

What Industries can Benefit Most from infoSecur?


  • Patient Privacy
  • HIPAA compliance
  • PHI protection
  • Eases secure data sharing
  • De-identification, Pseudanonymizing, Masking, Obfuscation
  • Financial/Banking

  • Client privacy
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Aggregation
  • Masking/Obfuscation
  • Education

  • Student privacy
  • Employee privacy
  • FERPA compliance
  • De-identification, Pseudanonymizing
  • Disaggregate Information Identification
  • Other Industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Retail
  • What People Say

    Kent Graziano, a.k.a., the Data Warriorwrites: “infoVia offers a service called infoSecur to help any organization secure their data... IMO [the] best and simplest data security framework I have seen.”

    Kent Graziano, a.k.a., the Data Warrior

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    Jane Doe, ACME Inc.

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    infoVia Protects Your Data.

    In just hours, infoVia can help you assess your data environment and implement a proof of concept on your own data platform, whether on premise or in the cloud.  It works on any relational database management system and is portable.  infoSecur ensures that all access methods (including dashboards, reports, applications, data science models, and even ad-hoc queries) play by the same rules, consistently across your organization.  Request a free, 30-minute online consult today. 

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    In under two weeks, you can implement infoSecur to better protect your data, simplify IT data provisioning and user management, and deliver more to your organization – all while learning industry-leading practices and implementation techniques. Curious about how we deliever  results? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page through the button below.

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