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What is infoSecur?

Designed by infoVia, infoSecur is a policy-based approach to data provisioning and user management that protects sensitive data while making it easier for IT to provide wider organizational access to business intelligence.

Traditional set-based data provisioning often leads to data delivery bottlenecks, limited data accessibility and heavier IT resource and management needs. With infoSecur’s policy-based data provisioning approach, teams can quickly and widely deliver business intelligence while ensuring sensitive data remains in the hands of only those whose roles require it.

How does infoSecur work?

infoSecur is an infoVia offering combining experienced consulting and implementation services to help your IT team make the switch to policy-based data provisioning and user management quickly.

Rather than trying to protect your organization’s data through the many downstream views, reports, queries and other uses of it you provide, infoSecur can help you more efficiently secure sensitive data and establish user access permissions right at its sources. Whether the data is in your data warehouse or in other source systems.

It all starts with an infoSecur assessment, an infoVia consulting service that can be conducted onsite or remote. During the assessment, infoVia will help you to:

  • map the relationships between users, key roles and sensitive data within your organization
  • implement the tools and controls needed for access, authorization and audit
  • conduct a proof of concept
  • iterate and adjust for use within a production environment
  • ensure your team is trained and ready to manage, extend and evolve the infoSecur approach as needed

In under two weeks, you can implement infoSecur to better protect your data, simplify IT data provisioning and user management, and deliver more to your organization – all while learning industry-leading practices and implementation techniques.

The Advantages of infoSecur

  • Lower organizational risk associated with data breaches or data hacks by protecting data at the cell level.
  • Easily expand organizational access to business intelligence while putting sensitive data only in the hands of those that need it.
  • Implement policy-based data provisioning and customized, cell-level data security across your data landscape in less than two weeks.
  • Requires minimal training and basic SQL skills to manage and extend later as needed.
  • Auditable and reusable, infoSecur ensures consistent data policy enforcement throughout your data landscape and within your organization – and saves IT time in data delivery.
  • Provide a consistent user experience in data delivery formats while protecting sensitive data through masking, obfuscating and/or hashing sensitive data.
  • Easily incorporate the needs of multi-tenant environments that require different security policies.
  • infoSecur is data platform-agnostic and can easily be applied to your existing systems and within big data environments. Use your data platform’s authentication and encryption.
  • No additional technology or software investment needed.
  • Applicable across a wide range of industries such as healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, education and government and developed based on the needs of ultra-secure environments.

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